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Integrated Healing is a holistic telehealth practice which explores the Body-Mind and Energy systems for impediments to healing. Dis-ease begins energetically. To heal one must understand his or her role in obstructing healing not only at the physical level but also at the mental-emotional and spiritual levels.

What to Expect:

A detailed personal history and analysis of your medical and spiritual journeys and the parts they play in your health and healing. Review and individualized recommendations for nutrition, supplement support, prescription medicine and therapies.

Who is Mary Grace Warner MD MD(H) CCH

I am an Integrative Medical Doctor with many decades experience as an Integrative Cardiologist and Internist. I have served nine years on the Arizona Board of Integrated Medicine and Homeopathy. I have been board certified in Homeopathy and have trained in shamanism, metaphysics, quantum theory, mindfulness, dream analysis, religions and mysticism.

Where are you stuck on the pathway to your fully realized and healthy self? 

Contact and Appointments:

E-mail me with questions or concerns and to make appointments:


Initial Consultation: 90 to 120 minutes: $300.00

Return Visits: 30 to 60 minutes: $150.00

Payment: Health Savings Account, PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, and Credit Card.

Dr. Warner is not a Medicare or Insurance Provider.

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