Why Aren’t You Healing?

The human journey is not without many minor and a few major life-changing events. Whether it is an illness or accident, a death, a personal or financial loss, a change in social status or job or geography…there will always be physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual consequences.

How does one go forward? How does one tap into his or her creative power to move through crisis and chaos? Healing is rarely a smooth journey. We get stuck in trying to explain WHY negative things happen and WHY they happened to us. Repressed or “hidden” as it is, is often blame, regret, guilt, hurt and humiliation. These unhealthy states keep us from healing. 

Very few, even Holistic medical practices can take the time necessary to uncover an underlying attitude or state of mind behind an unhealthy physical or mental-emotional state. Integrated Healing is all about “mining” your history for obstruction to healing and working with you to overcome it.

Abstemious attention to the health of your body does not guarantee Wellness. Everyone learned this from the COVID19 Pandemic. And avoiding toxic substances and exercise mainly favors physical health. Are you paying enough attention to the needs of your spirit and soul?

Illness can result from a crisis of spirit alone. What got you there and what is the remedy? So often you already know the remedy but delay it or sabotage your way forward. More often this has been a pattern of behavior throughout your whole life. What are the patterns of behavior in your life that repeatedly caused you to make less than advantageous choices?

Most of you already know that you are not just physical/biochemical beings. You have an energy body that ancient health systems have known about for Millennia. Acupuncture makes use of a part of this system. The energy centers which store your patterns of behavior are called Chakras. Healers intuit information about you in your Chakras that help in the recovery of an illness or trauma.

Life-long patterns of behavior do not necessarily cause illness. Illness emerges from a complex set of factors including genetics, poor health habits, substance abuse, our polluted world, to name a few. Sometimes there is no obvious reason which is in the category of being human. Certainly a life which attempts to fulfill the needs of body/mind as well as spirit offsets the possibility of poor health.

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