Navigating The Healing Journey

So how does one navigate through, come to terms with, and heal an illness of the body/mind and spirit? How does the Soul factor into this healing journey?

Understanding how you work energetically is the first and maybe the most important step in healing. Understanding your life-long patterns of behavior is part of this learning. Did you know that it is You who are the Healer? Gladys Taylor McGarey, the Mother of Holistic Medicine in this country. said healing is actually accomplished by the “Physician within you”.

A Healer should be the Teacher and Guide for your healing. YOU actually do the healing! A physician can advise you on your lifestyle, nutrition, prescription medication, allopathic therapies. A Spiritual Director may also be in order!

Even if you do not have a spiritual life your belief structure may be preventing you from healing. Are you really in touch with what you believe? What are your true beliefs and are they hiding behind those you have learned? What do you believe about yourself? Beliefs are intimately connected to healing. They form the foundation for negative thought forms and catastrophizing, but also can be the first step in healing.

The physical part of the human organism is in a constant state of rejuvenation. Studies indicate 330 billion cells are replaced daily, of which 80% are blood cells and 20% are gut cells. Other cells turn over more slowly. Tissues such as the skin may take only 30 to 60 days. The entire body turns over in 7 to 10 years. This process is actually a natural healing response to aging cells.

How does one aid or deter the natural ability of the body to heal? From the standpoint of the physical body alone, there are many stressors: poor nutrition, sleep, caffeine intake, drug and alcohol consumption, lack of physical exertion. This is a part of healing over which we do have control. External stressors from weather to relationship are more complex and often intrinsically impossible to control.

The mental/emotional state profoundly affects healing. Besides the major stressors of life including life events and social changes, there are unresolved conflicts, loneliness, high pressure work or partnership situations, deadlines, financial pressures, harsh environments to name but a few.

What about chronic physical pain? Is there ever a pathway away from chronic pain? Virtual reality studies demonstrate reduced to absent pain when virtually immersed in idyllic scenes. How can one access that mental/emotional state?

Integrated Healing is a guided path towards healing. The patient is the Healer and the physician is the Guide. The Pathway is toward a state of well-being, harmony, contentment. No matter what therapeutic modality, there is never a guarantee of cure. Healing may mean a state of remission, a marked reduction or disappearance of symptoms, a comfortable “partnership” with one’s Dis-ease, a relief from anxiety or depression. Moreover, such healing can occur on the physical, mental/emotional or Spiritual levels.

Integrated Healing also provides a process to learn about one’s energetic and spiritual self. Is your anatomy only confined to the physical plane? How does one work in terms of the Body/Mind, the Energetic Anatomy and the Soul? To understand the workings of the physical and energetic self is a prerequisite to effect a positive change in the course of an illness.

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